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When Should I Call a Tow Truck in Texas?

All vehicle owners need car maintenance at some point. In most cases, dropping the automobile at your local repair shop is second nature. Still, in some cases, getting your vehicle to the show is impossible. In these circumstances, you will need to call upon a tow truck service.

Tow trucks transport inoperable cars, trucks, and other automobiles to their necessary destination. When calling a towing company, it’s essential to identify a reputable business. Because of the different truck options, choosing the right company can ensure your car’s safety and eventual rehabilitation.

Calling a tow truck is rarely enjoyable. After all, you only need one when something goes wrong. Various types of towing trucks exist throughout the country, but some are considered safer and more effective. For example, flatbed trucks are the most secure, and wheel-lift trucks can be affordable and efficient for roadside assistance. In contrast, hook and chain trucks have proven ineffective and even damaging in many cases.

So when should you call a tow truck? In one of the following scenarios:

When Should I Call a Tow Truck? (Blog Cover)

Your Gas Tank is on Empty

Have you ever heard the saying, “he or she who has the car last must fill the tank with gas?” Unfortunately, family members, friends, and colleagues don’t always remember to fill up the tank. Such negligence can leave a driver stranded after unknowingly emptying the rest of their rank. In other cases, the vehicle owner may find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere and without access to a gas station. Any situation where a gas tank is empty will require a tow truck. Since your car is probably undamaged, you can hitch a ride to the gas station where you’ll pick it up.

You’ve Been in a Car Accident

Though running out of gas is unpleasant, it pales in comparison to the horrors of a car accident. Even minor collisions can create immense stress for drivers. If enough damage occurs, calling a qualified towing service is the only reasonable option. It’s sure safer than attempting to drive a damaged vehicle, which could complicate the problems further. Collision insurance coverage may cover towing expenses.

You Have a Flat Tire

Sometimes a flat tire isn’t evident until it’s too late. Neglecting tire maintenance is a common cause of flattening, but most modern vehicles possess a pressure gauge that signals warnings when low. Driving over a nail or another sharp object can release air quickly without the driver noticing. Handy vehicle owners may change their tire with the spare, which is often enough to get them to the auto repair mechanic. Some drivers would prefer a professional to either handle the tire change or tow their vehicle somewhere with better resources. 

Your Battery Died

Not everyone carries a set of jumper cables on the road. If your battery dies on a highway or main road, trouble could ensue. In this scenario, calling a tow truck makes sense. Towing companies will often offer to jumpstart your vehicle so you can bring it to a mechanic and replace the battery. Diagnosing a dead battery is not always simple, but the most urgent need is to get off the highway or main road.

Your Car Overheated

Cars may overheat due to vehicle malfunction or other unresolved issues. Driving in an overheated vehicle is extremely dangerous and can bring your vehicle to a complete stop. Stuck drivers should call a towing company for the safest outcome. You may think only neglected cars breakdown suddenly, but even well-maintained cars are prone to overheating. Having a trusted tow truck service on call is critical when you least expect it.

A Vehicle Parked Illegally in Front of Your House

Homeowners sometimes wonder how to get a car towed from in front of your house. It varies by state laws by generally speaking; you can call a tow truck if someone is blocking your driveway. In Texas, property owners can have someone’s car towed at the car owner’s expense, as long as the violation meets the State criteria. Frequently these situations are resolved civilly, but in other cases towing becomes a great option.

The Bottom Line

Vehicle owners never know when they’ll need a tow truck. Identifying a trusted towing company in your area is critical when these situations arise. You’d be surprised by the amount of towing leads we get from people who found us by searching online after their car is stuck. The last thing you’ll want to do in a high-stress case is read through a bunch of customer reviews. It would help if you did your homework about nearby companies to have them on your phone whenever you need them.